Custom Pools & Spas, Relpace Equipment, Repairs, Installation

Design & Construction

We always utilize the utmost in customer feedback and will gladly design a custom pool and/or spa to fit your needs and desires.  Our expert team of installers and finishers will make your pool project a joyful occasion with years and years of enjoyment packed into every job.  We use only the best equipment packages your budget will allow, as well as the finest concrete and stone work.  We offer re-finishing, deck replacement, equipment repairs and/or replacement, retro-fits.  Want a waterfall or cool sheer descent for a great sound and visual?  Yes, we do those too.  Our prices are very competitive, but our quality is even better!  

Pool Products

We only use the world's leading manufacturers of pool and spa equipment and accessories.  

We offer the innovative products that make pool and spa ownership simpler, more enjoyable, and more energy efficient than ever before.

Cleaning Systems

When it comes to your free time, there are more important things to do than cleaning your swimming pool. With the newest pool cleaning and circulation system, your pool can be built to clean itself while you relax. Built right in to the pool, it is engineered to clean your entire pool, including floors, steps, and benches.

Features and Benefits

  • Cleans Entire Pool
  • Always Swim Ready
  • 99% Cleaning Guaranteed
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Saves On Chemical & Energy Costs
  • No Routine Maintenance
  • Limited warranty 
  • World's #1 in Cleaning Systems 
  • Infinite position nozzle with no moving parts

Pool Pumps

The world's most intelligent pumps are a "no brainer."

A breakthrough in energy-efficiency and service life, our Variable Speed Pump allows programming for up to four different speeds for different pool, spa, or water feature applications. By dialing in the minimum speed required for a task, the pump works less and uses less energy. Pump speeds are easily adjusted with the push of an up or down arrow button.


  • Typically slashes energy costs up to 30% or more
  • Easy to program and operate
  • Offers ultra-quiet operation ... just 7 - 10 decibels or half a human whisper
  • Operates at the minimum speed required for unmatched longevity
  • Compatible with other pool systems

Remote Control System

Remote control systems are available for separate pools and spas, as well as pool/spa combinations with shared equipment or separate circulation systems. You select from systems that control 4 or 8 accessory functions. All functions are controlled with one-button access from the totally self-contained load center. Optional controllers are available.

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