Santa Maria Float Rock 5/8-3/4"

Western DG

Arizona Beach Pebble (bags)

Crushed Brick 3/4"

Double Washed
Plaster/Playground Sand

Small Bark

Washed Concrete Sand

Planter Mix/Compost

Top Soil

Blue Granite  Rock 3/4"

0-1/4" Forest Humus

Cedar Chips

Moss Rocks

Mexican Beach Pebble 1"-2" (bags)

Sedona Red Shredded 

Pea Gravel

High Desert Flagstone

Walk On Bark

1 1/2 " Crushed Rock

Granite Boulders

Arizona Flagstone

Black Cinder 1"

Sequoia Beach Stone

1 1/2"

Mortar/Fill Sand

River Cobble  2" x 4"

1 1/2" Santa Maria Float Rock

Landscape Blend

Playground Fiber Certified Play Chips

Premium Blended
Top Soil

Large Granite Boulders

Landscape Supplies, cobble, rocks, gravel, bark mulch, sand, and more!

We stock most of the following products on an ongoing basis for your convenience.  We sell bulk material in Bakersfield and landscape and irrigation supplies.  Please call for up to date prices and current inventory.  We can also special order other items for you.  Complete your outdoors with river rock, cobble, stepping stones, bark mulch, or other decorative rock.  Don't forget to accent with boulders, flagstone or dry creek bed rocs.  We also handle certified playground chips, sand, blended soil and clean fill dirt, gravel, compost, lava rock, float rock, and much more!.  

Our Products

Crushed Gravel 3/4-1"

1 1/2" Fresno River Rock

Ground Cedar/
Gorilla Hair 

Base Rock

River-Cobble 4" x 8"

Burgandy Cinder 3/4"

10014 Rosedale Highway, #2

Bakersfield, CA 93312

(661) 589-0888 

60/40 Concrete Mix

Med Bark

Rock Dust/D.G